7 best places to celebrate spring in Italy

7 best places to celebrate spring in Italy 7 best places to celebrate spring in Italy

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03 Mar 2023

Spring in Italy can be defined perhaps as the season most loved by Italians and not only... It’s the season of flowers, colour and blooming cherry blossoms, but also of the sudden rainfall of April showers and of grey, dramatic skies. The spring season is the right time for long walks outside and picnic with friends.

There are many great places to go to fully enjoy the spring air in Italy. We have selected for you the 7 best places to celebrate spring in Italy!

What is the weather like in Italy in spring?

With the arrival of spring, Italy is filled with colors and scents. The days are longer and the weather is quite dry, with occasional rainfall. The sun is shining and time seems to stop and admire this spectacle of nature.

People also seem to benefit from the effects of this season: they are happier, more optimistic. Around echoes a buzz of conversations and loud laughter.

It seems that everything is possible in the season of rebirth.

Where to go in spring in Italy?

Spring in Italy (Naples)

Spring is a good time to visit Italy, especially if you want to avoid the summer crowds. The best places to celebrate spring in Italy are definitely those that offer stunning scenery and a mild climate.

Below we propose a list of the 7 best places to spend a perfect trip in Italy in spring:

  1. Naples and the Amalfi Coast

    If you want to plan a journey in Naples during the Spring time, we strongly suggest to go for a walk on the Naples waterfront (in Via Caracciolo) and admire a wonderful view of the Gulf of Naples, or breathe the folklore, perfumes and colors of the city going through the Spaccanapoli’s streets.

    Virgiliano Park is the right place if you are looking for some time to relax and feel the spring air.
The park is located on a hill in the Posillipo district, where it’s possible to admire Mergellina and the Vesuvius volcano. Instead, an excursion to the Vesuvius is perfect if you are an adventurer!

    A must-see is surely the Vomero district where you can enjoy a panoramic view of Naples and all the Gulf from St. Elmo’s Castle.


If you are in Naples, our best recommendation is a guided tour to discover the ancient ruins in the nearby Pompeii, and explore the old city after the eruption in 79 AD.

    However, if you are in Rome but you can’t miss a visit in Pompeii we suggest our one day bus guided tour from Rome to Pompeii!

  2. Sicily
    Sicily is defined as the island of the sun and, especially with the arrival of summer, offers many destinations to visit including:

    - Valley of the Temples in Agrigento with its extraordinary monumental and landscape heritage
-Etna Park: a protected natural area ideal for trekking and hiking enthusiasts

    - Taormina, a historic Sicilian town overlooking the sea
-Noto with its famous Infiorata in May: a flowered carpet that covers Via Corrado Nicolaci

    - Ortigia in Syracuse, the beautiful island that represents the oldest area of the city of Syracuse
-Catania, a port city located at the foot of Etna and full of many attractions such as Piazza del Duomo, the famous Fontana dell'Elefante, the Cathedral of Sant'Agata and Castello Ursino.

    - Palermo with its Duomo, the Palatine Chapel and the Admiral’s Church complex. Do not miss a visit to the characteristic markets such as Vucciria and Ballarò and a trip to the Favorita Park and the beach of Mondello.

In addition, in spring you can participate in numerous festivals and food festivals that celebrate the production of citrus fruits and local culture such as the Tataratà festival, the Almond blossom festival and the Alveria festival.

  3. Rome
The "Eternal City" offers its visitors a wide variety of attractions, historic buildings, museums and squares. No wonder it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy.

    The best way to discover the Eternal City is to experience a Panoramic Tour of the Capital and admire the history and the art of Rome: our Hop on Hop off Bus Tour give you the opportunity to contemplate the magnificence of the Colosseum, Circus Maximum, Piazza Venezia, St. Peter’s and much more.

    If you are interested to discover the Capital by foot, we suggest to walk through the streets of the Quartiere Coppedè (not far from Parioli), where you can admire the villas and palaces in liberty style and, for those who love architecture, this district represent a treasure trove of turn-of-the-century art nouveau buildings.

    Another interesting Quarter is Ostiense, the most underground area of Rome: you can find out a lot of works of street art realized by Roman and International artists.


Probably the best idea to feel the spring air is enjoy nature and spend much time outdoors in the green and vegetation.
There are several beautiful places in Rome to do it enjoying a picnic, a walk or a visit such as:

    - Giardino degli Aranci: the most suggestive place of Rome where to admire a spectacular view of all the city and a unique perspective of the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica. Throughout the park is possible to smell the scent of the sour orange trees, hence the name of this Garden.

    - Villa Borghese: one of the largest public parks in Rome, and definitely the most famous and loved by Roman citizens.
The Villa hosts the famous museum “Galleria Borghese” and the zoological garden “Bioparco”.

    - Villa Pamphili: an oasis of peace in the Eternal City. A big park with a polo field, soccer field, skating rink and a route to walk by foot or by cycle. There are also many play areas for children and families.

    - Giardino di Ninfa: magnificent gardens located in Latina and proclamed Natural Monument of the Lazio Region to protect the oasis, the habitat around the Ninfa river, the lake mirror formed by it and the surrounding areas.

    That’s not all! Many guided tours are available for a visit of the Capital (Walking tour), Vatican Museums (Morning or Afternoon), Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica (Multilingual), Colosseum and Roman Forum (Priority Entrance).

    And if you are looking for a trip out of the city, the best option is to visit the beautiful Civita Bagnoregio or a guided tour at the Villa D’Este and Hadrian’s Villa in Tivoli (AM or PM).

  4. Florence
    Tuscany is certainly one of the most beautiful regions in Italy and spring is the perfect time to visit: the lavender fields in bloom are a unique spectacle!

In particular, the city of Florence is a real gem at this time of year. Flowers bloom everywhere and scents intoxicate the air.
    Do not miss the opportunity to visit the Boboli Garden, one of the most beautiful in Italy.

    A good idea to start your experience in Tuscany is to arrange a day tour of the Tuscan countryside.
    Green Line Tours will give you the opportunity to spend a day in the most evocative cities of Tuscany, Cortona and Montepulciano, and taste the local dishes and wines.

    But if you want to discover the city of Florence, we recommend our day tour to Florence from Rome: you can breathe its art, visit the Academy Museum, walk among the masterpieces of Italian Gothic architecture and admire the famous Cathedral of S. Maria del Fiore.

    For those that prefer to relax, it’s possible to take the opportunity to visit one of the several parks and gardens located in Florence. Our best list:

    - Giardino di Boboli

    - Giardino di Villa Bardini

    - Giardino delle Rose

    - Giardino dell’Orticoltura

    Or the Parco Mediceo di Pratolino, one of the most beautiful Park in the surroundings of Florence.

    It is also an important nature reserve, both for the flora and for the local fauna. Inside there are many ancient trees such as oaks, cedars and horse chestnuts and probably you can meet deer, foxes, hares inside the park.

  5. Sardinia
In Sardinia In spring nature is in bloom and there are many hiking trails and pristine beaches to explore.

In addition to monuments and historical sites such as the Cathedral of Santa Maria, the Bastion of Saint Remy and the Elephant Tower, you can also enjoy its beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea.


In addition, in spring you can admire the beautiful pink flamingos in the Regional Natural Park Molentargius-Saline.

  6. Venice
    Travelling to Venice in spring will allow you to meet sunny and warm days. You can admire:

    - Piazza San Marco and its famous bell tower

    - The Grand Canal and its historic bridges

    - St Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace Museum
    - The Rialto Market and its fruit and vegetable stalls

    - The islands of the lagoon, such as Murano, famous for its blown glass, and Burano, known for its weaving of lace.

    During the spring, the city is also home to many festivals and events, such as the Redentore Festival and the Historical Regatta, which make the visit even more fascinating.

  7. Puglia
    Puglia in spring is a very popular destination especially thanks to its mild temperatures and sunny days.

    In the city there is an air of celebration, many traditional celebrations and food festivals are organized and the sea returns a feeling of peace and serenity.

    Spring in Puglia is the perfect season for long walks and bike rides. A stop could be the Mercadante Forest defined the "green lung of Puglia".

    But you can not miss a visit to the beautiful cities of Gallipoli, Nardò and Otranto.