About us

The origins of Green Line Tours

Founded in 1978, Green Line Tours is a Sightseeing Company established to respond to the ever growing demand for sightseeing tours in Rome and in the major Italian cities. Since the early years of its establishment, Green Line Tours has immediately established itself in the market for the quality of its services and the careful care of its passengers, so much so that it promoted itself with the payoff: Matter of Details.

During the 1980s, the company focused mainly on the development of a strong commercial network to allow it to start evaluating investments in assets essential for growth, such as having its own fleet of vehicles.

In the following decade, in fact, the company buys some Iveco 315 Poker produced by the Italian car body Orlandi and entrusts Intercar, an industry of special vehicles, with a production on order for the supply of 10 buses with 26 seats with a body similar to small Old Style streetcars. Equipped with Iveco 80E18 diesel engines with catalytic converter in line with the anti-pollution regulations of the time, these vehicles were registered at the P.R.A. with the name/model: "Greeny Tram", giving them even then a very important value: environmental sustainability. Shortly thereafter, in 1998, the company also realized the large segment and so the model "Concorde" was born, a vehicle with 50 seats with Mercedes-Benz engine that the company will use for the tour in deluxe version for the direct route to Pompeii.

Since the 2000s the company, today also through the new brand Dreaming Italy, operates in inbound tourism mainly from India and Russia, offering hotel reservations, catering, multilingual guides, transfers, and in general all related tourist services. The company also has a Japanese mother tongue team dedicated to the market coming from the Rising Sun.

Tours of Rome and the beauties of Italy

Green Line Tours has always included in its catalog guided tours of museums and major places of historical interest in the city of Rome, as well as day trips by bus around the capital of Italy and in major Italian cities, from Florence to Assisi, from Naples to Pompeii, from Sorrento to the island of Capri.

The company fleet, used exclusively for its services, is of Premium category with an average life of 48/60 months, so as to maintain high standards and excellent safety levels. To complete the vehicle fleet there are also double decker open top buses. Historically called torpedoes, these vehicles are used for the panoramic tour now known as Hop-On Hop-Off, which since 2006 has been a tourist attraction that has been very successful and appreciated by customers.

The direct and outsourced human resources together with those related to the induced that operate within the organizational context are over 130 units and perform their functions in the 5 operating units in Rome and in the 2 permanent representations in Naples and Moscow.