Pompeii Tour on a Day Trip from Rome

Leaving Rome you will discover the beauty of the Campania region, admiring the imposing volcano Vesuvius, one of the most dangerous in the world. After a panoramic view of Naples, driving along the foot of the volcano, you will reach the old cameos and coral factory in Torre del Greco. After lunch in Pompeii, a wonderful journey through history where you can breathe the life of 2000 years ago walking through the ruins, will wait for you.

starting time

Starting time 7:15 am

starting time

Duration 13 hours


Multi-language Audio-guides

Tour highlights

  • Naples (panoramic view)Naples (panoramic view)
  • Ride by bus along Vesuvian AreaRide by bus along Vesuvian Area
  • Torre del Greco (old cameos and coral factory)Torre del Greco (old cameos and coral factory)
  • PompeiiPompeii
  • LunchLunch
  • Pompeii ruins (archeological excavation)Pompeii ruins (archeological excavation)

Multilingual Audio-guides:

Italian English Spanish French
Meeting point


at 7 00 GLT TERMINAL in Via Giovannni Amendola 32 

Tour description

Pompeii is a district of Naples, situated in Campania. The precious historical value is what makes this town really famous and worthy of in-depth visit; therefore, the Pompeii tour will make visitors conscious of this incredible cultural treasure and let them enjoy it.

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Attractions to visit in Pompeii Tour

Pompeii. The liveliest of the dead cities” [cite Pliny The Younger]

Pompeii is not a ghost town, because everything you are going to see speaks about life, the life of 2000 years ago. It’s a city where men, women, children, merchants, craftsmen, politicians lived...and everything speaks about them. Pompeii was crystallized from the eruption of the volcano, but today you can relive it; here you can breathe this life, and we want to make you feel this life in the ruins.

As all history books witness, Pompeii was an important ancient Roman Town whose story was completely marked by the terrible Vesuvius eruption in 79 AD. As a result of the ruins' discovery in the 16th century and a lot of excavations, Pompeii is now an essential Italian tourist destination. Nowadays the Pompeii tour gives us the privilege to appreciate some following relevant attractions brought back to life, such as:

  • The ancient streets of Pompeii, with the typical flooring called “Basolato” and the main street, Via dell'Abbondanza, whose name comes from a bas-relief that adorns a fountain placed in the initial section, near the Forum.
  • The Ancient Teatro Grande and Teatro Piccolo. These very aged theatres increase in a considerable way the historical and artistic heritage offered by Pompeii.
  • The Pompeii Forum. All Roman cities were built with the idea to locate forums at the center; this is due to the conviction that the roman square represented the social life core. As a matter of fact, the forum was the part of the town where markets took place and people met to talk about different topics. Once entered the forum, tourists will be able to admire the Temple of Jupiter.
  • The Stabian Baths. It was a structure very much appreciated by Romans: it was regarded as the place where roman citizens could relax and restore themselves.

Pompeii was not the only town involved in the Vesuvius eruption: Ercolano, Stabiae, Oplontis were also destroyed during the terrifying eruption of 79 A.D. It means that an important archaeological richness characterizes some of the most famous Vesuvian towns situated on the foot of the volcano.

On the journey between Naples and Pompeii, we are going to drive exactly in this area, and admiring the rich vegetation that characterizes the surface of the volcano, the Local Guide will show you some of these famous Vesuvian towns, telling you the incredible history of these places.

This tour requires a minimum number of   participants 


  • Bus rideBus ride
  • Local guideLocal guide
  • Pompeii excavations admission ticketPompeii excavations admission ticket
  • EarphonesEarphones
  • Lunch in PompeiiLunch in Pompeii
  • Expected return to the Green Line office in Via Giovanni Amendola 32, near Termini StationExpected return to the Green Line office in Via Giovanni Amendola 32, near Termini Station
  • pick up in hotel on requestpick up in hotel on request
  • *minimum people requested**minimum people requested*

Not included:

  • Drinks, tipsDrinks, tips

Things to know

This tour is available every day.

This tour will not take place on 25 december and 1st january.

Time: full day

Duration: about 13 hours

We suggest comfortable sportswear and sneakers. In Summer time, hats, sunglasses and sunscreen are recommended. 

The tour is not recommended for people with walking difficulties.

Architectural barriers along the path. Not wheelchair accessible.

Accessible to strollers.

Bulky luggage and backpacks are not allowed.

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