The 10 best tours in Rome of 2022

The 10 best tours in Rome of 2022 The 10 best tours in Rome of 2022

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26 Aug 2022

Rome is the perfect place to spend a few relaxing days discovering great cultural and artistic treasures and timeless beauties. If you are planning to visit Rome, you cannot miss our list of the 10 best tours in Rome.

The best tours in Rome

Villa d'Este and Tivoli Tour

Villa d'Este is one of the symbols of the Italian Renaissance and is one of the most visited archaeological sites in Italy, this explains why, along with Villa Adriana has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

With its beautiful fountains and special water features it is considered the most beautiful garden in Italy and is among the first and most refined gardens in Europe representing the flowering of the Renaissance culture par excellence.

--> Discover our afternoon tour of Villa d'Este and Villa Adriana in Tivoli where you can immerse yourself in its magnificent archaeological ruins of the ancient Roman Empire.

Tour of Sutri

Sutri is a town in the province of Viterbo with Etruscan origins and dating back medieval period.
The village of Sutri is one of the most beautiful of Tuscia Lazio, whose city has remained unchanged over the centuries.

In addition to being part of the most beautiful villages in Italy, he was also awarded the orange flag, a recognition of the Italian Touring Club to all the small villages in central Italy are considered excellent in terms of archaeological, environmental and cultural.

--> Book a tour to discover Sutri, among the ancient traces of the Etruscans, the Ancient City with its Necropolis, the Amphitheater and the Ancient Wash House, from which you can admire a suggestive panorama accompanied by an excellent tasting of food and wine.

Tour of the Castelli Romani

A short distance from Rome are the Castelli Romani, a group of small medieval villages that rise in the Roman countryside of the Colli Abani.

The Castelli Romani are not only famous for the natural beauty but are steeped in history and have many places to visit of historical, archaeological and artistic interest.

What are you waiting for? Start your panoramic tour of the Castelli Romani, steeped in history, monuments, villas, parks, archaeological sites and churches. All, enriched by many accommodation facilities, restaurants and typical trattorias, where you can enjoy the traditional cuisine "Roman" and Castellana".

Vatican and Sistine Chapel Tour

The Vatican is the heart of the Catholic Church in Rome. Inside the Vatican Museums you can admire one of the most beautiful art collections in the world. You can also admire the beautiful Sistine Chapel with its famous frescoes by Michelangelo.

--> Discover our tour of the Vatican, St Peter’s Basilica and Sistine Chapel.

Colosseum and Roman Forum Tour

The Colosseum is the symbol of the Eternal City and one of the favorite destinations for tourists. Ideal for those who want to spend a trip back in time, at the time of Imperial Rome and the gladiator fights.

With the guided tour of the Colosseum and the Roman Forum you can also visit the archaeological site of the Roman Forum that preserves the ancient testimonies of the political and religious history of the ancient city.

--> Read also: "3 Days in Rome: what to do and see"

Tour of Classical Rome

With a classic Rome tour you can get to know all the main monuments of Rome: the Pantheon, Castel Sant'Angelo, Piazza San Pietro, Trevi Fountain and many other famous beauties around the world.

Discover Rome Night Bus Tour with Destination Eataly

The beauty of Rome is not only experienced during the day but also at night. Illuminated Rome has a magic and a unique atmosphere.

With our open-air bus tour of Rome at night, you can discover the beauty of Rome at sunset aboard an open-air bus and enjoy traditional Roman cuisine from Eataly or another restaurant in Testaccio (dinner not included in the tour).

Rome Panoramic Tour

If you want to discover the beauty of Rome at 360 o'clock in a fun and unusual way book our Hop On Hop Off Tour.
You can visit Rome on a double-decker open bus and discover the main points of interest in Rome including the Colosseum, the Vatican and Villa Borghese.

Eataly Destination Tour

If you want to combine culinary tradition with culture, you can do so, with our Eataly Tour Destination. This tour allows you not only to discover the history and culture of Rome but also the Italian gastronomic culture.
Eataly is an Italian company where you can taste the best quality products that Italy has to offer and give yourself a moment of relaxation for a traditional Italian lunch or dinner.

Papal Audience Tour

You can immerse yourself in the center of Christianity, participating in our tour of the Papal Audience, where with our local professional guide you will enter Saint Peter’s Square or the Aula Magna, to celebrate an exciting meeting with the Pope and with millions of faithful.
An unmissable experience for those visiting the capital, the center of religiosity around the world.

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