What to do during Winter in Italy

What to do during Winter in Italy What to do during Winter in Italy

Tourist information

The winter period is the perfect time to visit the Italian cities without the crowds of the high season, and access to museums avoiding the endless lines of people. You can enjoy quietly the beauties of “Bel Paese”, and take advantage of the low number of tourist compared to the peak summer.

The cold season is also an opportunity to book your hotel, guided tour and restaurants at a cheaper price…and if you are a shooping lover addicted, don’t miss the winter sales!!

Here are our suggestions about the activities to do during winter in Italy.

What to do during winter in Rome 

Vatican Museums

The Vatican Museum is one of the richest exhibition complexes in the world: has the largest private collection with over 9 million pieces, including 70,000 works of art and 20,000 of these are on display in museums, galleries, chapels and residences of previous popes.

You can book the Hop on hop off rome tour, a panoramic Rome bus tour to enjoy all the beauty of Rome: Piazza della Repubblica and Piazza del Popolo, a guided tour into to Vatican Museum, a visit of the Gallery of the Tapestries and the Gallery of the Geographical Maps. Next the tour continues in the famous Sistine Chapel, with its magnificent fresco of the Last Judgement by Michelangelo.

Indoor Esquilino Market

The Esquilino Market represent the multiethnic part of Rome, similiar to Chinatown. It’s an indoor market divided into two parts: one reserved for food and other for clothing and fabrics.

Here you can buy food and spices from all over the world!

The market is near the Termini Station and is open every day.

Galleria Alberto Sordi

The Galleria Alberto Sordi is a shopping fashion centre located in the famous Roman street “Via del Corso”, and offers a varied selection of very elegant clothing and accessories stores.


Eataly is a sort of a shopping mall dedicated to the Italian enogastronomy. It’s a journey to discover the Mediterranean tastes of the Italian territory: you can find quality products ONLY made in Italy, culinary events and cooking classes.

We highly recommend it!

If you want to combine the journey through the history and beauty of Rome with the discovery of good Italian food, you can not miss our eataly food tour

What to do during winter in Florence

Museums and historical center

If you plan to go in Florence, don’t miss the great art preserved in this magnificent city.

Firstly we recommend you to visit the Uffizi, where you will find many famous works of art such as: “L’annunciazione di Simone Martini”, “Battesimo di Cristo”, “La Venere di Botticelli”, and “La Medusa di Caravaggio”.

We also suggest the panoramic view of the Palazzo Vecchio and Piazza Signoria from the “Loggia dei Lanzi’s terrace”.

Other important stops are Palazzo Pitti (one of the most important museum of Florence) and Palazzo Vecchio (the Political symbol of the city).

Mercato Centrale

The Central Market is a part of the famous San Lorenzo Market located in the city centre.

It’s an indoor market dedicated exclusively to food, and full of traditional culinary products,

Suggestions: You can choose this place to make a gift (or take home) such as: mushrooms and dried tomatoes, truffle oil and honey, extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Outside Florence

Many other activities to do out of the city. Our tips:

  • The Mall: you can enjoy the winter sales in this famous outlet near Florence. It can be reached (from the city) by bus.
  • Thermae: In Tuscany you’ll find a lot of thermae, magic places to relax. We recommend the Casciana Thermae.

What to do during winter in Naples

Napoli Sotterranea

Napoli Sotteranea is a MUST to visit in the city of Naples: it’s a priceless treasure.

A journey through 500 years of history that deserves to be lived; an exciting path through tunnels, cisterns, aqueducts and vintage vehicles.

Cappella San Severo

In the Chapel of San Severo is preserved one of the most important Christian statues in the world: the “Cristo Velato” created by the neapolitan Giuseppe Sanmartino.

It’s higly recommended the visit of this artistic and esoteric museum!

Street Food

The best of street food is in Naples:

  • Frittatine and panzarotti in “Friggitoria Vomero” and “Padella” in Piazza Arenella
  • Pizza a portafoglio (take away) from Piazza Dante to Piazza San Gaetano or visit the pizzeria of the famous Gino Sorbillo to taste this magnificent food in the best place of Naples (here it’s not possible to make a reservation).
  • Polpette and ragù in “Tandem”, Via Mezzocannone
  • Sfogliatella in “Attanasio” (Vico Ferrovia), Scaturchio (P.zza S. Domenico Maggiore), and Pintauro (Via Toledo)

We also recomend you the “Trattoria Nennella” to dive in the traditional and culinary neapolitan culture and live an unique experience.

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What to do during winter in Assisi and Orvieto

We suggest a tour that unveils the religious architecture of Umbria and the wines and local products of Tuscany:

  • Orvieto is a small town of Etruscan origins where you can admire the magnificent 14th century cathedral, a masterpiece of gothic architecture. This is also the home of some of Italy’s best known D.O.C. (quality controlled) wines, which include Orvieto, Chianti and Brunello di Montalcino.
  • In Assisi, built at the foot of Mount Subasio, you can see the Church of St. Claire, St Francis’ birthplace, his childhood home, Townhall Square with its People’s Palace, Roman Temple dedicated to Minerva and of course the Townhall itself.

It’s also recommended the St Francis’ Basilica, close to the ancient city walls, with its magnificent frescoes painted between the 12th and 14th centuries.

If you are planning a visit in these 2 cities from Rome, you might consider our 1-full day tour in ASSISI AND ORVIETO  by bus.