The best things to do and see in Trastevere

The best things to do and see in Trastevere The best things to do and see in Trastevere

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03 Feb 2023

Trastevere is one of the most charming and beloved districts of Rome. If you are planning a tour through the streets of Trastevere you might be interested in knowing the best things to do and see in Trastevere.

Trastevere: history and origins

Trastevere is one of the most characteristic districts of Rome. the name Trastevere comes from the Latin trans Tiberim which means beyond the Tiber. It rises along the opposite bank of the river and was initially inhabited by the less wealthy social classes.

Among the streets of Trastevere you can discover hidden treasures of Ancient Rome and live the true Roman life.

How long does it take to visit Trastevere?

Trastevere is a central district of Rome that lends itself particularly to long and pleasant walks. If you want to know the neighborhood and discover all its secrets you can book a tour with our Hop On Hop Off.

Let yourself be carried away by the magnificent view of our open double-decker bus and discover the major points of interest in Rome.
Getting off at stop 5 of Piazza Venezia you can explore the Trastevere District and get out in its charming and winding alleys.

The most beautiful thing to do in Trastevere is to walk in some of the most beautiful and historic streets of the neighborhood: Vicolo del Piede, Vicolo del Bologna, Vicolo Moroni, Via Titta Scarpetta, Via dell'Arco di San Calisto, Vicolo della Torre and Piazza Ponzani.

Rome is the temple of urban art and in Trastevere it finds its maximum expression. Poster art consists of sticking a paper work on the walls that is painted, printed or created directly on the wall. Walking through Trastevere you will see them everywhere, but certainly some of the most beautiful walls are found around Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere. On the wall of the Nuovo Regina Elena Hospital, the street art of the author My Dog Sighs, which creates a series of eyes of different sizes that observe passers-by, and does so as part of an urban redevelopment work of some health facilities.

What to visit in Trastevere

Trastevere in Rome

Walking through the streets and alleys of Rione Trastevere you can admire many monuments, churches and works of art of great value. Including:

Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere
The Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere has origins dating back to 217 B.C. and is located in Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere. Inside the Basilica there are important mosaics made by Pietro Cavallini depicting the "Life of the Virgin".

Museum of Rome
The Museum of Rome is located inside the former Monastery of Sant'Egidio 1/b in the district of Trastevere. From 2000, it was dedicated to the folkloric aspects of the city of Rome of the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Church of San Cosimato
The Church of San Cosimato is a place of worship dedicated to a saint who does not really exist. It is in fact a contraction of Saints Cosmas and Damian to whom the Church and the Monastery were dedicated.

The church was founded in the 10th century and consecrated by Pope Alexander II in 1069.

Palazzo Corsini and the Corsini Gallery
Palazzo Corsini was built at the end of the fifteenth century by the Riario, grandsons of Sixtus IV della Rovere.

It houses the National Gallery of Ancient Art, an artistic museum in Rome that preserves refined works with predominance of Italian and Flemish painting between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Church of Santa Maria della Scala
The Church of Santa Maria della Scala was built between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries to contain the icon of the Madonna della Scala. According to tradition, the icon healed a deformed child following the prayers of his mother.

Basilica of Santa Cecilia
The Basilica of Santa Cecilia has the dignity of a minor basilica and stands on the family home of the noble Cecilia. The woman was martyred around 230 d. for attempting the conversion of her husband and brother Tiburzio.

The Golden Legend tells that Pope Urban I, witness of martyrdom, had the body of Cecilia buried among those of the bishops and consecrated his house transforming it into a church.

Ponte Sisto
Ponte Sisto is one of the most beautiful bridges in Rome. It connects Trastevere with the city center.
The bridge was built by Pope Sixtus IV between 1473 and 1479 to allow the crossing of the Tiber.

Villa Farnesina
Villa Farnesina is a noble realization of the Italian Renaissance. It was built between 1505 and 1520 to a design by Baldassarre Peruzzi, as the residence of the wealthy banker Agostino Chigi.

In 1590 it was bought by Cardinal Alessandro Farnese taking the name of Farnesina. Today the building is used as a representative seat by the Accademia dei Lincei.

Piazza Trilussa
Piazza Trilussa, overlooking the Lungotevere Raffaello Sanzio, is dedicated to the Roman poet Trilussa (Carlo Alberto Salustri). Particularly frequented especially in the evening is the landmark in Trastevere.

Piazza San Cosimato and its local market
Piazza San Cosimato takes its name from the Church of San Cosimato that has existed since the 10th century. At the square there is an old market opened since the early twentieth century. Here you can not only buy groceries but also chat neighborhood. There are also stalls of used books and animal food.

What to do in Trastevere at night?

Trastevere in the night

When evening falls, the district of Trastevere becomes the hub of youth nightlife.
With its many restaurants, pubs and nightclubs, it is the ideal place to spend an evening of fun and good food.

Here you can try the traditional Roman dishes: Carbonara, Gricia, Bucatini all'Amatriciana and many other unmissable delicacies.

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