The “Street of Cribs” in San Gregorio Armeno

Tourist information

San Gregorio Armeno is a street in the heart of Naples’ historic centre known throughout Italy as “the Street of Cribs” par excellence!

Brief History of San Gregorio Armeno in Naples

The street is known to the Neapolitan citizen with the name of San Liguoro, and the tradition of the Nativity scenes of San Gregorio Armeno has ancient origins.

According to a pagan legend, in the Roman period was built along the street a temple dedicated to Ceres (Gods of the earth and fertility) and was customary to donate her some terracotta statues as a good omen to the harvest season.

Later in the 8th century, the tradition continued in a church, located over the ruins of Ceres temple, where were brought the relics of St. Gregory, the Saint after whom the street is named.

Therefore, today the exhibition of nativity scenes (a tradition born around the 13th century) represents a symbol of devotion to Saint Gregory and a way to honor the legend of Ceres.

Via San Gregorio Armeno the street of the nativity

The Neapolitan tradition of the nativity scenes comes to life every year and throughout the year in the street of San Gregorio Armeno.

You will admire the handmade terracotta statues, with tailor-made clothes, of the shepherds and all the characters of the Christian cribs like the ox and the donkey, the fishmonger, the greengrocer, the pizzaiolo, the fisherman, the gypsy and many others.

But the peculiarity of the cribs of San Gregorio Armeno is the presence of profane statues within the sacred representation of the Holy Family that make them unique in the world.

In fact, many artists and artisans create caricatured statues of famous people from politics, sport and show business of the present and the past.

When to go

The cribs of San Gregorio Armeno are exposed to the public every month of the year, but it is advisable to go during the off season to avoid the great crowding of the Christmas festivities.

How To Get There: Travel with Greenline

Green Line Tours organizes a new daily tour from Rome to Naples with a stop in San Gregorio Armeno.

The route includes:

  • Departure from Rome and arrival in Naples in the morning
  • Panoramic view of Posillipo Hill
  • Lunch break (included in the ticket price, drinks not included)
  • Sightseeing tour in Naples’historic centre: Castel dell’Ovo, Cathedral, Piazza del Gesù, San Gregorio Armeno
  • Return to Rome in the evening