The Legend of the Capitoline Wolf

The Legend of the Capitoline Wolf The Legend of the Capitoline Wolf

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17 Jun 2023

Welcome to Rome! 

Discover with us the fascinating legend of the Capitoline she-wolf, a story rich in myth and adventure.

In this article, we will tell you the story of the brothers Romulus and Remus, the kind she-wolf who rescued them, and the extraordinary statue that today bears witness to this legend.

The discovery of special children

The legend of the Capitoline she-wolf begins with two special children named Romulus and Remus. According to mythology, they were said to be children of a god. Abandoned and left alone in a forest, they were lucky to be found and cared for by a caring she-wolf. The she-wolf took them to a cave and nurtured them with motherly love, allowing them to grow up healthy and happy.

The hill of destiny

One day, during their adventures in the forest, Romulus and Remus discovered a hill called Palatine. Legend had it that a great city would rise on that hill. Seen as the destined founders to fulfill this prophecy, they decided to build their city, giving birth to Rome.

A sad quarrel and sacrifice

However, a disagreement over the location of the city's boundaries led to a tragic quarrel between the two little brothers. Romulus, driven by anger, accidentally wounded Remus, who died. Romulus was saddened by the loss of his beloved brother, but decided to honor him by continuing the building of Rome.

The statue that tells the story

The legend of the Capitoline she-wolf is represented today by a majestic bronze statue located in the Capitoline Museums in Rome. The statue depicts the she-wolf suckling Romulus and Remus, eternally linked in the city's history. The Capitoline Museums are a major attraction in Rome, housing numerous works of art and ancient artifacts.

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