Carbonara history: between past and present

Carbonara history: between past and present Carbonara history: between past and present

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29 Jul 2022

Let’s talk about a real symbol of Italian cuisine, pasta alla carbonara, one of the most known and appreciated dishes in the world and an undisputed part of the Roman culinary heritage.

Carbonara history: the 3 hypotheses on its origins

Not everyone knows, however, that on the origin of this succulent first course, three hypotheses are attributed.

  1. The most famous, he says, that the Carbonara, was invented during the Second World War by a Roman chef of a trattoria in Vicolo della Scrofa, who upon the arrival of American soldiers, had the idea of seasoning pasta with two ingredients that they loved very much, the eggs and the bacon;

  2. There are those who argue that the origins of this dish is linked to the Apennine charcoal burners, using simple ingredients and homemade products, from which was born, the dish, “Cacio e Ova”, typical of Central Italy to which the addition of black pepper, served to preserve the pillow and give it a tasty taste;

  3. The third theory, however, leads back to the origins of Neapolitan cuisine, to which the dish is used to combine a beaten egg and pecorino cheese. That is why, many attribute to the Neapolitans the invention of Carbonara.

But the real rule of Carbonara, from ancient Roman roots, is that of a single dish, which comes in a single version and always and in any case perfect, whose fundamental element becomes the choice of healthy, hearty and tasty ingredients, but above all of first quality:

  • The Guanciale, well seasoned, soul of the Carbonara
  • The Roman pecorino D.O.P. that gives it flavor
  • The spicy black pepper
  • Egg yolk and a whole egg, the secret of which is the right creaminess.

The carbonara today and its celebration with the “Carbonara Day”

Although ancient, today, pasta alla Carbonara, is repeated in many cooking sites that propose the “original recipe” along with hundreds of tips that combine in a single recipe flavors and local traditions.

This is witnessed by the anniversary of “Carbonara Day”, the largest social spaghetti in the world and to be celebrated strictly on 6 April each year, day during which everyone in Italy and around the world can post and present the perfect version of carbonara.

Just think that only on Instagram there are over 1.6 million contents with the hashtag #CarbonaraDay.
Created in 2017 by the pasta makers of Unione Italiana Food, the social event has reached in six years an audience of about 2 billion people, becoming an unmissable event for food influencers, media, cooks and fans who want to share this dish.

Photos, stories, posts and recipes will be the protagonists of a day dedicated to traditional Roman pasta. There are several events that celebrate the Carbonara in the city, such as the Carbonara Festival and I Love Carbonara and the Carbonara Mon Amour in Turin, organized by Eataly, the most famous chain of quality food products made in Italy.

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