Bucatini all'amatriciana di Eataly: a dish to be enjoyed

Bucatini all'amatriciana di Eataly: a dish to be enjoyed Bucatini all'amatriciana di Eataly: a dish to be enjoyed

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30 Dec 2022

One of the dishes of the Roman gastronomic tradition is the Amatriciana.
Amatriciana, in detail, is part of the traditional food products of Lazio and is a typical condiment of Amatrice, a town in the province of Rieti.

It was precisely the "matricians", who introduced the specialty in Rome in the middle of the Napoleonic era. The adoption of the dish was very rapid and Amatriciana soon became part of the Roman tradition, which led in time to the multiplication of its most typical recipes.

From 6 March 2020 Amatriciana is recognized as a Traditional Speciality guaranteed (TSG) of the European Union, making explicit reference to the most genuine ingredients of the territories closest to the country of Amatrice.

The origins of amatriciana

Pasta all'amatriciana probably comes from a variant of pasta alla gricia. The gricia is the white version (without tomato) of amatriciana and was the condiment preferred by Lazio farmers.

Between the eighteenth and nineteenth century was born in Amatrice its most famous version, the tomato. At that time, in fact, the locals appreciated so much the tomato diluted in the sauce, to give life in this way to Amatriciana as we know it today.

The first historic Amatrician restaurant in Rome dates back to 1860 and was called the Passetto, named after the Vicolo del Passetto that led from the restaurant to Piazza Navona.

Authentic Amatriciana recipe

In the recipe of the traditional amatriciana STG is provided:

  • Spaghetti
  • Pillow by Amatrice De.co.
  • Dry white wine
  • Pomodoro San Marzano
  • Pecorino cheese from Amatrice De.Co
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Chilli fresh or dried
  • Salt
  • Pepper

Let’s start by saying that in the traditional recipe of amatriciana neither garlic nor onion should be included.
The pillow should be cut into strips and sautéed on the fire in a non-stick pan previously heated.
When the pillow has released part of the fat and has become crunchy, put aside a handful and the rest add a little oil and pour the white wine making it fade over high heat.
Mix with a wooden spoon.

Once the wine has evaporated, add the tomato and cook the sauce for about ten minutes. Meanwhile, cook the pasta in plenty of salted water. When it is ready, keep aside some cooking water in a bowl.
Add the pasta to the amatriciana sauce and sauté for a minute adding some cooking water if necessary.

Serve amatriciana with a sprinkling of pecorino amatriciano grated at the time and with the crunchy pillow.

Bucatini all’amatriciana Eataly

Amatriciana is a recipe widespread everywhere.
For the success of the dish is necessary to use genuine products and good quality.

While maintaining the traditional recipe, small variations are made. Especially with regard to the choice of pasta format.

For the recipe of the traditional amatriciana STG of Amatrice strictly use spaghetti. In fact, on the signs placed at the entrance of the village of Amatrice is the title “City of spaghetti amatriciana”.
However, the Romans prefer bucatini, rigatoni or tonnarelli to spaghetti as a pasta format. And sometimes as a cheese is often used pecorino Romano instead of amatriciano.
But on one thing they all agree: in amatriciana there goes the pillow!

At Eataly you can try the excellent bucatini all’amatriciana, prepared as always with genuine and fresh ingredients and taking into account the tradition. With our Destination Eataly tour , you can travel to discover the history and beauty of Rome and stop for a traditional culinary stop.