Where to eat the best maritozzo con la panna in Rome

Where to eat the best maritozzo con la panna in Rome Where to eat the best maritozzo con la panna in Rome

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14 Oct 2022

The traditional Roman cuisine is rich in simple and tasty dishes whose roots date back to the times of Ancient Rome.
One of the typical sweets of the city is the maritozzo con la panna, a soft and soft brioche stuffed with a tasty fresh whipped cream, in short, a real goodness that makes adults and children go crazy.
In recent times, however, several variations have been born that concern its filling: stuffed with raisins and pine nuts, covered with chocolate, pistachio, cream, up to the most modern salty version, with burrata filling, pesto, tomato, and cod.

His fame is so widespread that he gets a day for his celebration: the "Maritozzo Day" which takes place every year on the first Saturday in December.

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So you can enjoy the desserts offered by the best producers, such as Bottega Ioli & Matteucci, Gluten-free and lactose-free "Senza Pensieri", Pasticceria Romoli, Pasticceria Fortunato, De Santis Santa Croce, MiTiroSù and Alari since 1951 for the most passionate, The maritozzo amatriciana with pillow and pecorino cheese and finally from Supplì Bros, the Maritozzo vegetarian and with pumpkin cream.


History of the Maritozzo

The ancient tradition tells us that this cake was prepared in the Middle Ages as the only dessert allowed during the fasting period of Lent and for this reason nicknamed "Er Santo Maritozzo", a real sin of gluttony but with a smaller form, The color is darker and enriched by raisins, pine nuts and candied orange peel.

Scholars, poets and artists of the Roman tradition, tell how the "maritozzo" in the past would derive from the term husband. In fact, there was a custom according to which on the first Friday of March, which once corresponded to Valentine’s Day, the future husband gave the betrothed, as a pledge, just a groom and that inside there was hidden a ring or a golden object. For this reason, the maritozzi, were finely decorated with drawings with sugar that often depicted interwoven hearts, as a sign of love.

Maritozzi: original recipe

The maritozzo was originally prepared with simple and natural ingredients, such as flour, eggs, honey, butter and salt. Today, some ingredients have been replaced by water, yeast, sugar, milk and oil and its extraordinary peculiarity is the filling with lots of whipped cream.

The classic cream version is accompanied by the Lenten version with raisins and pine nuts, chocolate and pistachio. There is also a savory version filled with burrata, pesto, cod and many other variations.

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Where to eat maritozzo con la panna in Rome?

Maritozzo con la panna served

The maritozzo can be eaten at any time of the day: for breakfast, lunch as a snack or dinner.

Looking for a place to eat the maritozzo in Rome? Here is our selection of the best local:

Pasticceria Regoli
Regoli is the historic restaurant par excellence in the production of the maritozzi. This restaurant was born in 1916 and located in the Piazza Vittorio area. It offers two classic variations: with cream and raisins.

Il Maritozzaro
The Maritozzaro is a neighborhood bar born in 1960 and frequented by the Romans doc. It is located in Trastevere near the market of Porta Portese. Here you can enjoy the classic version with cream and other sweet variations: chocolate, pistachio, nutella and many others.

Pasticceria Romoli
The Pasticceria Romoli is located in the African district in Via Libia. It is a family-run bakery that produces sweets typical of the Roman tradition including the maritozzo.

Maritozzaro Rosso
Among the alleys of Trastevere, there is the restaurant of Maritozzaro Rosso known for its salty maritozzi such as amatriciana or stracciatella and anchovies. Ideal for a rich and generous aperitif.