10 reasons to visit Rome in the Spring

10 reasons to visit Rome in the Spring 10 reasons to visit Rome in the Spring

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04 Apr 2022

Rome is full of attractions all year round but visiting Rome in the spring is truly a wonderful experience. In good weather and pleasant weather, you can fully enjoy the beauty of the Capital, choosing among the best Rome tours the one that suits your needs.

Here are 10 good reasons to visit Rome in the spring:

  1. Explore the parks and natural beauty

    Villa Borghese, Rome

    The sunny weather and warmer temperatures make spring the ideal time to explore the parks and all the natural beauties of Rome. Rome is one of the greenest cities in Europe, boasting a large number of beautiful parks including: Villa Borghese, Villa Torlonia, the Aqueduct Park, and the Bioparco

  2. Walking through the streets of the center

    Sweet of Trastevere

    Among the things to do in spring in Rome, there is undoubtedly also a walk through the streets of the center.

    The historic center of Rome has been recognized by UNESCO World Heritage and boasts historical beauty as its symbol par excellence: the Colosseum. Through the streets of Rome, every step is history, wherever you look you can admire all the splendor of ancient works

  3. Visit the Rome’s municipal Rose Garden

    Garden of Rose in Rome

    The municipal rose garden is located on Aventine Hill and is open from April to June. Inside the rose garden, you can admire about 1100 species of roses from all over the world. Among the most curious: the Rosa Chinensis Mutabilis, which changes color with the passing of days, and the Rosa Foetida, a smelly rose. In the largest area of the garden, there are botanical roses, while in the smaller lower area there are roses participating in the "Premio Roma".

  4. Discover Via Appia by bike

    Via Appia in bike

    For a different day than usual to discover the Eternal City, you can walk the ancient streets of Via Appia by bike and enjoy a fantastic day of nature and culture

  5. Turn Rome on an open-top double-decker bus

    Double open bus

    To discover the beauty of Rome at 360 o'clock. you can book a panoramic tour of Rome on an open-top double-decker bus.

    This tour allows you to visit the most interesting places and monuments of the Eternal City from a unique perspective

    → Discover our panoramic tour of Rome Hop on Hop Off

  6. Try fresh and seasonal roman spring foods

    roman artichoke

    Italian food is made from fresh, local produce. Roman cuisine in particular, in spring, offers unique and unmissable products and dishes: pecorino and broad beans, puntarelle, and timeless artichoke. The Roman artichoke is the most loved ingredient of all, it can be eaten fried, steamed, or even eaten raw in thin slices

  7. Celebrating the Birthday of Rome

    birthday rome
    April 21 is the date on which, according to tradition, the city of Rome was created. For this reason, the date of April 21 is known as the "Christmas of Rome", a way to symbolically represent the birth of Rome.
    Every year this anniversary is celebrated with several events and a synthetic re-enactment held by the Gruppo Storico Romano

  8. Organize trips out of town
    Castel Gandolfo Rome

    The spring days are ideal to enjoy relaxing trips out of town. A short distance from the city you can find beautiful and characteristic villages where you can spend a carefree day. But not only villages, even gardens and breathtaking lakes

  9. Savor a tasty homemade ice cream

    Homemade ice cream in Pantheon

    With the arrival of the sun and warmer temperatures, you can not miss a tasty homemade ice cream in the streets of Rome. Among the historical ice cream parlors: Cremeria Aurelia, Gelateria dei Gracchi, and Grom

  10. Celebrating the Holy Easter

    Holy Easter in Rome
    Spending spring in Italy also means celebrating the various festivities that occur in this period, first of all, Easter, the great Roman Catholic holiday.

    To celebrate the feast of Easter, families gather and organize a hearty lunch all together.
    The presence of the Vatican makes Easter in Rome even more magical. From Holy Thursday the priests of Rome washed the feet of the faithful as Christ washed them to his disciples the night before being crucified.
    On Friday, however, there is the Way of the Cross and of course, on Sunday there is the Easter Mass.

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