The company was born in 1978 to meet the growing demand for “City Sightseeing” and soon became known in the market for quality service and passenger care.

Today, the staff consists of more than 140 people, including guides and regularly autorized accompanying staff, external collaborators, and approximately 66 resources for the operational and administrative sector.

All staff, operating in three locations, are available to meet every single need of their customers.

In 1997, Green Line Tours purchased ten small 26-seater trams, called “Greeny Bus” (pictured). These vehicles were supplied with Iveco 80E18 ecologic diesel engine with a catalytic converter complying with the current rules of the “Euro2” law. Just because of the low level of pollution they produced, they were called “Greeny”.

What attracted the attention of the customers was undoubtedly their particular design: they remembered the old omnibus, capturing the look of passers-by, both foreign and Italian, who for work or tourism reasons were in the center of the city or in proximity to tourist sites.

Over the years, the constant presence of the “Greeny Bus” on the streets of the Rome old city center made them part of the urban landscape and there were no visitors and residents of the center who did not know them.

Another element of attraction was made in 1998 by the “Concorde” bus – Mercedes 50-seat Intercar (pictured), which the company devoted to V.I.P. Naples / Pompei Tour. The peculiarity of this car was that, in addition to having a typical “old style” structure, it was equipped with every comfort such as audio video tools that permitted a preview of the history, customs and traditions of the tourist sites that were about to be visited.

Today, the fleet of vehicles used by the company, from the 28 seats to the 65 seats, the latter (in the photo) 14 meters long and in circulation since 2014, are all in the Gran Turismo class, and have an average life of 48/60 months, in order to guarantee a high quality and safety standard at the highest level.

There are nine new “Double Decker Open Top” buses (in the photo), which are used on the Panoramic Open tour circuit, a city tour on the open bus with the well known “hop-on hop-off” formula, which is having huge success and satisfaction from our customers since 2006. This type of tour, featured in major European and American cities, is extremely flexible and allows tourists to visit the city with maximum freedom and easily reach the attractions of the city without having to know the city’s public transport system.
In addition to City Tours mentioned earlier, the company organize more tours on Rome and around, both day and night, and daily excursions to Florence, Assisi/Orvieto, Venice, Naples, Capri, Pompei, Sorrento and from 2014 also Siena. Thanks to an efficient business network consisting of more than 600 international operators, agencies and hotels, Green Line Tours is ranked first in the “City-Sightseeing” sector.

This situation allowed the company to qualify for the UNI EN ISO 9001-2008 Quality Certification. Gaining Quality Certification has allowed the company to define the organization of the Quality System, internal functional blocks and their responsibilities in order to gain full control over the entire production process and meet the needs of its customers.

In 2011, through the acquisition of the UNI EN ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Certification, the company promoted the adoption of activities aimed at safeguarding the health of its staff and the environment, so as to ensure that its products and Workings do not involve significant risks to people and impacts on the environment. To this end, it has defined this environmental policy which represents a commitment for all the staff of the Organization.

The respect and application of the Quality Management and Environmental Policy Management System enabled the company to highlight not only its product but also the entire production process and organizational model.
Green Line Tour has been operating for years in the incoming sector especially in Russia, but also in other countries, offering hotel reservations, catering, multilingual guides, transfers, and city tours by bus not only to Rome and the surrounding area but also to other Italian cities.