Traveling safely Italy

Let’s go back to travel with respect for everyone

This is the right time to start again today, the concrete of Phase 2, today starts a decisive phase for the management of this emergency.

Gloves and medical masks provided free of charge

All staff are required to wear gloves
In compliance with the territorial rules on board our cars
It is mandatory to wear personal protective equipment to access on board.
Gloves and masks will be distributed free of charge for nose protection
and mouth.


Respect for Safety Distances

To choose your seat, follow the quota measures described by
signs placed on our cars. The arrangement of seats on board has been
redesigned to ensure the safety distance between passengers. The seats don’t
usable are marked with a special marker;
If necessary, wait for the next ride. For the ascent and descent.
use specially differentiated doors and stairs.

Daily Sanitation and Disinfection

We’ll provide several times a day with extraordinary sanitization operations and disinfection of all exposed surfaces of buses and premises to the public.


All Green Line Staff was adequately prepared to guarantee compliance with hygiene and safety regulations.

Our crew is equipped with an individual protection kit which provides masks, gloves and disinfectant gel to protect the own safety and that of passengers.