The discovery of the Pompeii, showed the Neapolitan antiquarians arts and the Bourbon Court, especially the good fortune in Rome’s people. Which have been spent their pleasure time at Gulf of Naples and pass down to us these treasure.
During last year 2017, the archaeological park of Herculaneum has been amazing successful and also the mention in the top 30 of the most visited museums in Italy. Today the Ercolano archaeological park extends the offer with the opening of four domus, just restore.

The first domus known as Casa dei Cervi on two floors, the second for the servants. From today visitors and tourists have the opportunity to admire the Casa del Bel Cortile, a completely new type of construction compared to the typical Pompeian houses: it is a house that stands out from the others of the ancient city for the presence of a courtyard paved with a mosaic white and hooked black crosses; from here it was possible to access the upper floor thanks to a staircase and a masonry gallery.

Following the Casa dei due Atri in Herculaneum, whose facade preserves a blind arch above the portal and, inside, a head of Gorgone against the evil eye. The interior is characterized by the presence of two atria.