Springtime: What’s the best way for a romantic visit in Rome’s parks?

“Spring and romance”: a perfect combination for those who choose to stay in Rome, away from the traffic and chaos of the capital but always in the heart of the eternal city. What is the better way to spend a few hours with your person your right person a girlfriend/boyfriend or in friendship. Immers yourself between one of beutiful green areas and into the ancient archaeological exhibits  finds of the marvelous parks of the Capital, perhaps with a breathtaking view. We has chosen for you some of the most romantic green areas of Rome, where even a moment can become important.



It is located in the quarter of Monteverde, on the Gianicolo (or the Roman Janiculum), just outside the Porta San Pancrazio in the ancient walls of Rome where the ancient road of the Via Aurelia commences. This park should be full of spring and romance, it  stretches over nine kilometers of perimeter between spectacular terraces and enchanting gardens. Villa Pamphili presents itself, a place where the history embraces the art and suggests romantic and suggestive atmospheres. The escape moments of encounter with nature and with the beauties that Rome reserves for its tourists but also for its inhabitants.



Open only in the spring months, the municipal rose garden is very suggestive and romantic in Rome. Besides the possibility of admiring about a thousand different species of roses, those who visit can experience the thrill of walking in an area of the city with a splendid view of the Circus Maximus and the Palatine Hill. Roseto was the site of Rome’s Jewish cemetery for centuries, before being presented to the city in the twentieth century. The rose’s garden in Rome opens to the public for the flowering season, and there are usually guided tours and special events, also open at night Villamusical shows.






One of the most famous parks in the world? Probably is Villa Borghese’s park, lacated in the historic center of the city is ideal for spending afternoons away from noise and bustle, walking through paths and sculptures and maybe stopping to admire Rome from one of the most beautiful views of the Capital, the Pincio terrace. Or, in spring summer, time make a stop at the Globe Theater, the only Elizabethan theater in Italy that offers, in the summer months, a rich program of Shakespearean shows.




Villa Torlonia, located about two kilometers from Porta Pia. It was purchased in 1797 by Giovanni Torlonia and later transformed into a  monumental complex (the restoration was entrusted to the architect Valadier), has entered the news and in history as the “Mussolini’s house”. Inside the Villa, you can enjoy the Limonaia and the liberty architecture of the Casina delle Civette. Near the Casina, there is the “Technotown” minicity amuses children with fake castings volcaniche, a news that explains how news works and virtual travel in ancient Rome.




A few steps from Rome, including fountains, water lilies, water games and caves, you will be Villa d’Este, also Unesco heritage. The garden really leaves without words for particularity and suggestion. Optimal for an out-of-town trip waiting for the summer on warm spring days