Rome with Children 3 Best Places You Need to Visit

Rome is famous for  its monuments like Colosseum, Roman Forum, Trevi fountain that’s  a fact. It is a very large city full of history, if its charm exert a little leverage on the adults,  for our children usually is not too easy to move around in our travels. No complaints about the kind of “promise that this is the last church for today” to avoid the grueling hiking between a museum and an art gallery.  In Big cities like Rome probabbly can’t be in the within reach of our children. But the capital of Italy can offer to young tourists various options that will allow you to organize a personal tour of the city based on the tastes of all the members of your family.

From the wide range of options, we chose many addresses for shared fun. You can alternate a tour of the Planetarium with the magnificent parks that dotted the city, such as Villa Torlonia, Villa Pamphili, Villa Ada and of course Villa Borghese, where you can stop for an outdoor brunch and then watch a movie at Cinema dei Piccoli, 1934 coming out of a lush environment, Explora children museum, Bioparco.


The smallest cinema in the world It is located in Rome, inside Villa Borghese, and covers an area of 71.52 In addition to projecting children’s films in afternoon shows, it offers evening programings with original screened subtitled projection. There are programs updated every week.

Is the first non-profit and privately owned permanent museum entirely conceived for children, schools and families, open to public since 2001. Explora is member of Ecsite, the European network of Science Centres and Museums, Hands On! International, a network representing the Children’s Museums in the world and ENCATC  the European network on Cultural Management and Cultural Policy education.  Is an opportunity to play, experiment and learn in the field as well as occasions for socialization and education; it also promotes the development of children’s cognitive and emotional capacities.

The Bioparco offers families a rich and varied calendar of events all year round. On their visits to the Bioparco families have the chance to take part in a number of different activities such as interactive teaching labs; zoological and botanical guided. Perfect for children, to their delight you can meet many kind of animals. Which the addax, its the most adapted antelope to the desert: it has broad clogs so as not to sink into the sand. While kangaroo in order to withstand high temperatures, it is especially active at twilight, passing the hottest hours under shelter or bushes.  And other protected species.