4 Outside Spring Events Exhibitions
eur lake sakura hanami
Photo by Cristina Gatti ©

Spring has sprung here in Italy and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Why? Here are four of our top reasons to visit Italy at the end of March, April or May. Welcome Spring With an appropriately upbeat to do list if you visit Rome.


Horti Farnesiani – Il Palatino’s secret garden

Since it was completed the restoration of the Farnese birders on the Palatine, the exhibition Horti Farnesiani is starting on wednesday 21th march tells, even with multimedia supports, the comparison between the magnificence at the time of the Farnese and the transformations over time on the secret garden of Palatino’s hill. In the mid-sixteenth century, the Farnese’s family had undertooked construction for a large garden with avenues, flowerbeds, trees, fountains, buildings, paintings, statues and other works of art that etchings, prints, paintings and writers in its splendor. The set of archaeological remains, renaissance fragments and natural elements is today the main reason to visit this wonderful though lost garden that the exhibition will recount after the recent restorations.


Sakura Hanami – EUR Lake

Hanami, litterally this term means admire flowers, its considered a classic of trees, especially that of cherry trees, in which they are called sakura. The Sakura bloom lasts for a short time, it starts towards the end of March, usually around 20-24 march and the maximum flowering occurs a few days later and lasts until the beginning of April when the Sakura present themselves to fade and in this period Hanami is celebrated. On July 20, 1959, Japan donated 2,500 cherry trees to Italy, many of which still surround the EUR lake. You can admire from the wonderful spring show offer by the Hanami blossoming


Roseto Comunale

From 21th april going to open Rome garden rose, you should start to visit the garden and combining with an exploration of the Aventine and its panoramic park. The Roseto is located very close to Circo Massimo home to around 1,100 varieties of botanical roses, ancient and modern from all over the world. The cultivated specimens come from all over the world: from the Far East to South Africa, from Old Europe to New Zealand, passing through the Americas. The Roseto was the site of Rome’s Jewish cemetery for centuries, before being presented to the city in the twentieth century. The rose’s garden in Rome opens to the public for the flowering season, and there are usually guided tours and special events, also open at night Villamusical shows.


Villa Priorato di Malta

The villa and garden of Malta’s Priorato are located on the Aventine Hill in Rome, is one of the two institutional seats of the government of the Sovereign Order of Malta. The Magistral villa, witch granted extraterritorial status by Italy. It also hosts the Grand Priory of Rome and the embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta to Italy. The Priorato palace is not immediately apparent, but look through the keyhole into the villa’s green door and you see the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica.