New Year’s Eve Travel Wish List 2018
i want to travel the world

We made a travel wish list for 2018 and although most of the destinations are in the worldwide you need to travel. You will see that my list is pretty long and realistically speaking I don’t know if you will be able to travel to all these places, especially since I am sure that other unplanned destinations will appear along the year. The purpose of this list is to have a wish list at hand and to try to check as many places on it as I can. At the end of the year, it will be nice to look back at this list and see how much of it will be checked. There are the hottest and coldest destinations we’re recommending for your New Year.


Turkey – Cappadocia 
If ever you’ve wanted to go hot air ballooning travel to Cappadocia is the place to do it. With its lunar-like landscape of soft rock formations, caves, towering boulders and mesas, you’ll definitely want to see this historic Turkish city from up above in the new year.




Every two nights from September to March there is a Northern Lights. In southern Finland there are instead 10 to 20 northern lights. If you travel to Finland look at the stars, when the sky is clear, there are more chances to observe the aurorae. You are outdoors: the aurora are formed suddenly, at any time from sunset to dawn; it is therefore much more likely to observe them while standing outdoors.


Iceland – Blue Lagoon

It is a mandatory destination for those visiting Reykjavik. Bláa Lónið in Icelandic is a unique spectacle in the world that takes its name from the color of its waters. The cold outside makes itself felt, but the water temperature is around 38 degrees, with higher peaks near the steam sources. In addition, geothermal water is a cure-all for the skin and is curative. Hot blue springs are also present in other parts of Iceland, such as in Myvatn.




Costiera Amalfitana – Sentiero degli dei
From Bomerano travel to Agerola its fraction and starts the path overlooking the sea marked by white and red signs with the word 02. To reach Nocelle there are two possible paths to follow. The High Path is the most difficult one. The trek starts at 633 meters of Bomerano and climbs up to 659 meters of Santa Maria del Castello and at 1079 meters of Capo Muro. The Sentiero Basso instead is mostly downhill and certainly suitable even for those who are not trained. It is easy to follow and definitely more suggestive, along the way you will meet enchanting and suggestive places such as the Grotta del Biscotto and Colle Serra.

Portugal – Cabo da Roca
It is a rugged and wild promontory that marks the westernmost point of the European continent. The threatening waves of the Atlantic Ocean crash at the base of the imposing jagged cliffs, while challenging paths follow the coastal paths. There the isolated atmosphere is strengthened by the very limited development in the area; there is a lighthouse, a café and a gift shop, but there is not much else. This windswept landscape is a real attraction and is what most visitors view it as the western border of Europe or end of the world.