Gustav Klimt was the founding father of the Vienna Secession. Who, together with other artists, cultivated the myth of the total work of art, which is beautiful and the dream of a democratization of creativity.
Remembering his most famous works like Tree of Life, or Judith I, have become part of popular culture, but Gustav Klimt is still an artist about whom there is much to discover and, above all, to recount.

On this month in Rome an extraordinary experience to appreciate even more from this artist is offered by the immersive crossmedia exhibition, the same company has curated Monet Experience in Florence a “show” dedicated to the Impressionists and the master of light, last year.
After fascinated the great public of Milan recently, it will soon be up to the Capitoline to put their eyes on this exhibition, of which we will discover some details below

It is above all thanks to the innovative proprietary Matrix  X-Dimension,
technology, designed exclusively for this video installation, that it was possible to create an immersive experience of Gustav Klimt’s art.

In a church looks-like building at the beginning of the Via S. Giovanni in Laterano, there is the building of the Ospedale delle Donne, or the Maternity Department of the Ospedale del Salvatore, built in 1655 on a project by Giovanni Antonio De Rossi.
The exhibition will begin on February 10th at the Sala delle Donne in the Monumental Complex of San Giovanni Addolorata.

They will come to life in 45  minutes in which images, lights, colors, music, and sound envelop the audience, bonding with the allure of the location. Thus a fusion of technology and architecture is achieved, capable of giving the illusion of being transported on an incredible journey through Gustav Klimt’s work.

Open also Mondays

Piazza di San Giovanni in Laterano, 74
00184, Rome, Italy

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+39 380 5895175