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The Dorothy Circus Gallery

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Four years after the success of The Trouble with Angels, the leading artist of the avant-garde digital art Ray Caesar returns to Rome with the unprecedented and exclusive solo show Lost in a Fragile Myth. The exhibition is composed of new masterpieces in a unique edition and small-run limited editions, accompanied by rare pieces now sold out for some time.

Concluding the array of exhibitions inspired and dedicated to the tenth anniversary of Dorothy Circus Gallery – celebrated with the double group show Pages from Mind Travellers Diaries in Rome and London – the exhibition Lost in a Fragile Myth constitutes a new aesthetic and emotional encounter with the work of Ray Caesar.

The master Caesar, as a landlord in his own imaginary of the inconnu, always enriched of surprises and broaden on an intimate language, accompanies us, once again, through the rooms of his imagination, showing us around his scenarios decorated with pungent torments and sublime memories that crystallise in a timeless zone where the Soul reigns.

In this new journey, the essence among the purest of digital creativity is entwined with mythologies and contemporary symbolism. Once again, femininity and childhood – which are both ancestral themes the artist has always identified himself with – are imbued in the characters depicted.

Caesar’s gaze opens widely on the psyche, focusing on images capable of representing the most controversial human dynamics through an unforgettable aesthetic. His skilful analysis of the human psychology and physiognomy, rendered through a careful and thoughtful digital elaboration of each character and environment, offers a brand-new experience of his art through a mythological and mystical lens.

Motionless landscapes, rarefied atmospheres and evanescent joyful moments continue the mysterious tale that binds Caesar’s creatures to each other. With the new series of artworks in Lost in A Fragile Myth, the Artist confirms his interpretation of fragility as a healing force in which sensuality and candour unveil their nature while dressing white chemises and refined fabrics and intriguingly whispering their soft-spoken secretive language.

The artist takes advantage of the 3D programme Maya at its best, involving the gaze of the viewer in a waltz of delicate colours, soft but meaningful symbolism, and sensual human gestures that seem to belong to an eternal present out of this world. The scenes depicted by the artist dwell in the evanescent myth of history, while always maintaining a dreamful atmosphere where a secret language is spoken.

Lost in a Fragile Myth confirms the success of Ray Caesar not only in Europe but worldwide. After many years of collaboration with DCG, including the production of the limited edition Eau de Parfum Palpitation, the British artist pulls aside the curtains of his theatre of art and enchants us with his mystical and evocative atmospheres.

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