– Full immersion Trucco Beauty dal 1 al 7 Agosto 2018 ore 10 / 18
—>€ 1.900 IN PROMOZIONE A € 1.500 (Kit incluso con set di pennelli professionali)

Questo corso intensivo è rivolto a chi vuole intraprendere l’affascinante professione di truccatore e non ha esperienze precedenti nel settore, e a chi non avendo avuto tempo durante l’anno per seguire le proprie passioni può dedicare una settimana estiva e diventare make-up artist.

Esame dei volumi, geometrie e utilizzo dei chiaro-scuri
La teoria dei colori/ La luce e i suoi effetti
Geometria dell’arcata sopraccigliare
Trucco acqua e sapone
Trucco per le giovanissime
Trucco da giorno
Trucco da sera
Trucco da sposa
Camouflage delle piccole discromie
L’utilizzo della scheda trucco
Trucco fotografico bianco e nero/colore
Trucco per la donna di colore/asiatica
Trucco antietà/con tiranti
Moda e sfilata
Trucco per l’uomo

Max 8 allievi
Per info chiama 06.36006913 – oppure riserva il tuo posto scrivendoci a [email protected]m

ecco la proposta per l’estate 2018:

Walk in progress – MGO in cammino… verso Roma e il sinodo dei giovani.

L’evento si declina in due proposte: XL e M

La proposta XL (dai 18 in su – 160€): 

5 Agosto – arrivo entro le 18:30 a Cisterna di Latina

6 Agosto – pellegrinaggio da Cisterna di Latina a Velletri

7 Agosto – pellegrinaggio da Velletri a Castel Gandolfo

8 Agosto – pellegrinaggio da Castel Gandolfo al Santuario del Divino Amore

9 Agosto – incontro con i partecipanti alla proposta M e pellegrinaggio notturno verso Ognissanti in Roma

Il costo è di 160 € di cui 50 € sono esclusivi del pacchetto fornito dalla CEI per le giornate del 11-12 Agosto (trasporti/pasti/kit del pellegrino).

La proposta M (dai 14 in su – 110€):

9 Agosto – arrivo entro le 16, pellegrinaggio verso Ognissanti

10 Agosto – pellegrinaggio in Roma sui luoghi di Don Orione

11 Agosto – incontro giovani della Chiesa Italiana

dettaglio 11 agosto:
9:00 colazione
9:30 preghiera
10:00 partenza per Circo Massimo
13.00 apertura dei cancelli per accedere al Circo Massimo
16.30-18.30: momento di racconto dei cammini (pellegrinaggi)
18.30: arrivo di Papa Francesco
19.00: veglia con Papa Francesco
21.00: cena
21.30: festa
23.30: inizio della Notte bianca della fede in vari luoghi di Roma: possibilità di adorazione, confessione, incontri…

12 Agosto – S. Messa con Papa Francesco e Angelus

Il costo è di 110 € di cui 50 € sono esclusivi del pacchetto fornito dalla CEI per le giornate del 11-12 Agosto (trasporti/pasti/kit del pellegrino).

Entro e non oltre il 15 Luglio 2018

Pagamenti tramite Bonifico Bancario
intestato a Provincia Religiosa San Benedetto
Iban: IT 10 P 01030 01415 0000 6111 3763

[email protected] || 010 0983935 || +39 348 53 02 187

Four years after the success of The Trouble with Angels, the leading artist of the avant-garde digital art Ray Caesar returns to Rome with the unprecedented and exclusive solo show Lost in a Fragile Myth. The exhibition is composed of new masterpieces in a unique edition and small-run limited editions, accompanied by rare pieces now sold out for some time.

Concluding the array of exhibitions inspired and dedicated to the tenth anniversary of Dorothy Circus Gallery – celebrated with the double group show Pages from Mind Travellers Diaries in Rome and London – the exhibition Lost in a Fragile Myth constitutes a new aesthetic and emotional encounter with the work of Ray Caesar.

The master Caesar, as a landlord in his own imaginary of the inconnu, always enriched of surprises and broaden on an intimate language, accompanies us, once again, through the rooms of his imagination, showing us around his scenarios decorated with pungent torments and sublime memories that crystallise in a timeless zone where the Soul reigns.

In this new journey, the essence among the purest of digital creativity is entwined with mythologies and contemporary symbolism. Once again, femininity and childhood – which are both ancestral themes the artist has always identified himself with – are imbued in the characters depicted.

Caesar’s gaze opens widely on the psyche, focusing on images capable of representing the most controversial human dynamics through an unforgettable aesthetic. His skilful analysis of the human psychology and physiognomy, rendered through a careful and thoughtful digital elaboration of each character and environment, offers a brand-new experience of his art through a mythological and mystical lens.

Motionless landscapes, rarefied atmospheres and evanescent joyful moments continue the mysterious tale that binds Caesar’s creatures to each other. With the new series of artworks in Lost in A Fragile Myth, the Artist confirms his interpretation of fragility as a healing force in which sensuality and candour unveil their nature while dressing white chemises and refined fabrics and intriguingly whispering their soft-spoken secretive language.

The artist takes advantage of the 3D programme Maya at its best, involving the gaze of the viewer in a waltz of delicate colours, soft but meaningful symbolism, and sensual human gestures that seem to belong to an eternal present out of this world. The scenes depicted by the artist dwell in the evanescent myth of history, while always maintaining a dreamful atmosphere where a secret language is spoken.

Lost in a Fragile Myth confirms the success of Ray Caesar not only in Europe but worldwide. After many years of collaboration with DCG, including the production of the limited edition Eau de Parfum Palpitation, the British artist pulls aside the curtains of his theatre of art and enchants us with his mystical and evocative atmospheres.

Dorothy Circus Gallery 

Mon 10:30-18:30

Tue 10:30-19:30

Wed-Thu-Fri 11:30-19:30

Sat 11:30-20:00

Sunday closed


[email protected]

Ave Caesar! We are waiting for you! In the charming atmosphere of the Arena, with music, lights and effects, you can attend gladiatorial fights, ancient dances, rites of Vestal Virgins and mimes show. During the show there is a small tasting of food and drink made by ancient Roman recipes.

A guided tour in our special interactive Museum of Roman Legion is included!

We are at 10 minutes from Colosseum.

There is a parking.

Do you like to be surrounded by nature? To escape from the city for one day? Join us to the peak!

We propose a full and intense day between nature, history, and myth in the Ausonian Mountains, which until just over 150 years ago marked the border between the Papal States and the Kingdom of Naples.

This hike sets out from Sonnino, a small hilltop town which overlooks the wide Amaseno valley, and continues with the ascent to the Mountain of the Fairies (1090 m), the highest peak of the mountain chain. The route crosses diverse natural environments, moving from typical Mediterranean scrub to centuries old holm oak forest which then thins to bare rock. From the top, after a three hour hike, the view stretches from the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Pontine valley just below, from the hinterland villages to the peaks of the Lazio and Abruzzo Apennines.

Before the hike we will stop by the local weekly market in Sonnino town where it is possible to buy local products, also for a genuine packed lunch!

Lenght and duration of the trekking: 15 km, 7 hours

What is included:

  • Professional guide for the entire day 

What is not included:

  • Roundtrip train tickets: 14 euro per person to buy the same day of the trekking

What to bring:

  • Confortable trekking shoes

  • Water

  • Packed lunch

  • Camera

Meeting point and time: in front of the McDonald’s inside Termini Station (ground floor) at 8:30

For any further information contact us at [email protected] or at (+39)3493991622

Join us in the most unconventional bycicle ride of the city!

We will ride from the centre to periphery and the giant murals will be the leading thread of this super coloured itinerary.

You will discover the new face of Roman suburbs as reshaped by internationally renowned street artists such as Moneyless, Andreco, 2501, Ozmo, Tellas, Gaia and much more.

In Rome there are about 150 streets redesigned by street art and which are considered an integral part of the capital’s artistic heritage. The circular ride starts from the center of Rome and winds for 15 kilometers through Testaccio, Garbatella, Ostiense and Tor Marancia neighborhoods. You will discover at least 25 giant murals painted on the facades of buildings, which revive areas decisively outside the usual tourist itineraries.

If you are curious about the underground Rome this pedal tour is the one for you!

For any further detail or information contact as at [email protected] or at (+39) 3493991622.

What is included:

-Bicycle (if you do not have your)



Discover the countryside of Rome on horseback! Ride the adventure long archaeological and naturalistic riding trail in the Natural Reserve, book now your horse riding experience for beginner and expert riders!




A unique fusion of Riding Trails, Relaxation & Cultural Tours in Italy,

Follow us on www.equestrianitaly.com!












1) Dinner: In one of the most elegant and beautifull place in the city, four different menus (suitable for any taste or diet)

2) Show program: More than 15 performers will make your evening memorable with their music, songs, acts. All artists are selcected from the best italian schools

An international announcer will animate BREAKING all LANGUAGE BARRIERS

3) Free Transfer: Private vehicle (Bus or Car) will come to pick you up at your hotel and at the end of the evening will drive you back. All our vehicles are airconditioned and carefully selected.

4) Assistance: Our multilingual staff will be with you from the time the transfer will pick you up from the your hotel till the time you will be driven back at the hotel. Our staff will assist you all along, also during the dinner. 




Are there any ID or minimum age requirements to access the event?

No, there are not any minimum age requirements to access the event.
You can buy ticket for Adults, Child from 5 to 14,99 years or Infant from 0 to 4,99 years.
At Pick up or at entrance, a document can be required just to prove that you are the owner of your ticket.
Always keep the ticket with you.


What are the transport / parking options for the event?

The transfer is included in the ticket fare, our staff will come to pick you up at your hotel and at the end of the show we will transfer you back.
Note that transfers are made with our vans and bus, and they stop in few hotels.
Our multilingual representative will be on board to help you. 
During the reservation don’t forget to select the hotel from where you want to be picked up, it will be the same place where we will take you back at the end of the event. 


Dress code?

A5 (after five) Semi formal dress code is required
For man: shirt and elegant trousers is required. 
For woman: elegant dress just above the knee is required or, alternatively, trousers paired with a shirt or an elegant top.


How can i contact the event organiser for further questions?

You can write an e-mail to: [email protected] 
or                                                                                                                                                                            call the emergency number: +39.393.6789030 from 09.00 am to 01.00 am


Cancellation policy?

You can cancell the reservation and be refunded for the full amount when the cancellation occurs 7 days before the event date.


Change the date?

Yes, you can change the date till 24 H before the event starting time, note that this service will be extra charged
with an ammount of € 25 per person.

Change the name?

Yes, you can change the name till 24 H before the event, no extra charge will be applied.

The name on my ticket does not matches the name of the person who will participate, is it a problem? 

Yes, this is a problem. If you didn’t change the name 24 H before the event you have to buy a new ticket.


Do I have to bring the printed tickets to the event?

Yes, you have to bring the printed ticket and show it at transfer pick up.
In case you choose the option to pick up the ticket at the event entrance, our representative will deliver the ticket to you at trasfer pick up.


Ponza & Palmarola full day boat excursion with snorkeling

A fun and relaxing day on our exclusive boat excursion of Ponza & Palmarola with snorkeling included!

Enjoy a boat excursion that covers all the iconic and most breath taking locations the islands have to offer, from ancient Roman hand-carved cisterns to naturally formed arches. As we gently cruise the shoreline, we will listen to the story of Domitilla, exiled to the islands in complete solitude and how the islands were repopulated in the 1700s by inhabitants of Ischia near Capri. Several stops will allow you to take a swim in the inviting crystal waters and a hot plate of pasta will be served as your lunch onboard. If you’re lucky enough, a pod of dolphins might pay you a visit!

Sites Visited :

  • Pilato’s grottos

  • Chiaia di Luna bay

  • Palmarola beach

  • Natural Arch

  • Cala Inferno

The excursion includes:

  • Complete coverage of transportation fees and meals

  • Confortable transfer from Rome to the ferry dock and pick up back to Rome

  • Ferry ride back and forth

  • A 6 hours boat excursion of Ponza & Palmarola

  • Snorkeling masks are included

  • Meals include a pasta lunch onboard

Don’t forget:

  • Swim suits, beach towels, sun tan lotion, flip flop or sandals, sunglasses and a hat

  • Basic swimming abilities

  • Please warn us of any history regarding food allergies, intolerances, specific diets, sea sickness etc.

Due to other circumstances (i.e. traffic, transportation strikes, weather conditions) we will send you a confirmation email 24 hrs before the planned excursion date. In case of adverse conditions we will offer a full refund.

Special price of € 175,00 per person instead of € 190,00! 

The excursion will be given only in English

Further information on our website https://www.itertours.com/tour/ponza-island-excursion-with-snorkeling/

Company reviews on Tripadvisor https://www.tripadvisor.it/Attraction_Review-g187791-d10137288-Reviews-Itertours-Rome_Lazio.html

Proviene dal latino “testae”, ovvero coccio, il nome del quartiere Testaccio. 

Migliaia e migliaia di frammenti di anfore usate per il trasporto delle merci che arrivavano nel vicino porto fluviale e poi venivano abbandonate accatastandole sino a formare un vero e proprio colle artificiale. Il monte de’Cocci, Testaccio appunto.

Questa storia la conoscono più o meno tutti a Roma ma poi il colle non lo ha salito mai nessuno, dove fosse questo famigerato porto mercantile nessuno lo sa bene, come funzionasse poi questo commercio e perchè accadesse proprio lì nei pressi del sacro ponte Sublicio, anche di questo si sa molto poco

Venerdì 15 giugno troveremo una soluzione: localizzeremo le rovine dell’Emporium, i resti del maestoso porticus Aemiliae e sopratutto ascenderemo il Monte de’ Cocci, vedendo Roma da lassù, da Testaccio, come Pasolini in quella famosa foto (foto: Paolo di Paolo)…