Rome The Sand Nativity 2018 at St Peter Basilica

Jesolo Sand Nativity – The Sand Nativity in St Peter Basilica

Work is underway in St. Peter’s Square to complete “Sand Nativity“, the sand nativity gift from the municipality of Jesolo to Pope Francis, who will visit it on December 31st after the Te Deum. It is the first time that a crib with this material is set up in the cradle of Christianity. On December 7, the inauguration and opening to the public, until January 13th.

presepe jesolo
Sand Nativity 2018 Rome St Peter Presepe Jesolo

It is an unusual crib, made not in the traditional form. It takes life from the golden sand of the Dolomites for the extraordinary artistic and expressive ability of 4 sculptors selected by the Jesolo Municipality in 16 years among the best, coming from all over the world. It is called “Sand Nativity“, the project that Romans and tourists can admire, this year, in St. Peter’s Square, these days transformed into a very special open building site, right in the middle of Bernini’s colonnade. It is the gift to Pope Francis of the Municipality of Jesolo – which since 2002 has made its sand nativity scene, with an ever-improving public response – and of the Patriarchate of Venice for Christmas 2018. And the most awaited visitor – for this “first time” “Absolute in the Vatican – it is precisely the” landlord “, who on December 31, after the traditional” Te Deum “of the afternoon in the Vatican basilica, will go to admire it.

Pyramid of sand. “Sand Nativity” is a monumental nativity set 16 meters wide by 5 high and 6 deep. Modeled with about 700 tons, it is composed of Jenolan sand originating in the Dolomites. The first phase of the crib was a pyramid of sand, raised on November 17 in St. Peter’s Square, after the formation of coffers in which the sand was pressed. Once the covering has been installed, that is the protection structure, the sculpting phase began on 21 November and proceeds briskly during these days, while the last 48 hours – 5 and 6 December – are reserved for finishes. On 7 December the unveiling of the work and the inauguration; afterward, the Nativity of sand, together with the Christmas tree that this year comes from the province of Pordenone, will be visible to tourists and pilgrims. At midday, the Holy Father will receive in official Audience the two delegations of the communities that donated the tree: the diocese of Concordia-Pordenone; the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region; and those who worked from the Patriarchate of Venice (Municipality of Jesolo, Veneto) to the creation of the nativity scene of “Sand Nativity“. In the afternoon, at 4.30 pm, the official ceremony will be held in which the nativity scene will be inaugurated and the lighting of the tree will be activated. On January 13, Sunday of the Baptism of the Lord, official date when the Christmas season closes, the disassembly will begin: the crib will

return sand, and the tree will be entrusted to a specialized company for the re-use of solid wood material.

It’s official: December 8th in the evening is the day of Spelacchio‘s ignition, second edition. The announcement came from the mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, who on his social media pages decided to take advantage of the publicity linked to the name of the fir tree in Piazza Venezia, which last year had a lot to discuss itself.