Carnival in Italy – How Italian celebrate Carnival?
Italian Carnival

Carnival is an important italian celebration, and them changing region for region.
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Some cities, however, have a centuries-old tradition of celebrations that is expressed in very special ways. Piemonte’s region there is the traditional Battle of the Oranges of the Carnival of Ivrea, while in the province of Ferrara there is the Carnevale di Cento famous for the carters of papier-mâché.

In Fano instead for three weekends you can attend one of the oldest carnival festivals with parades of allegorical floats and masks. In Offida, in the province of Ascoli Piceno, the appointment is with the reenactment of the ox hunt, Lu Bov Fint, recreated in papier-mâché. In Rome, the Roman Carnival is celebrated on the streets of the center recalling the ancient Roman Carnival, when the city was given to the people for a day.

In Campania the Carnival is celebrated in Montemarano (Av) where you can dance in the mask with some good wine with a tarantella rhythm.
The Carnival of Fano and that of Foiano della China are among the oldest in Italy, while the one in Venice is among the most famous international carnivals. Born around the year 1000 with a spirit that resembles that of the ancient Rome of bread and circus, or with the aim of providing the people with 2 intense months of celebration in which to vent mood and misery. It then becomes a wonderful institution with the Serenissima: a long period of celebration in which anyone could hide their identity behind the mask and live acting.

Scrolling through below you will find the  Carnival Calendar for events of 2018 In Italy: dates and locations.

Carnival City Date
Carnevale di Venezia Venezia 27 jan – 13 feb
Carnevale di Fano Fano 28 jan – 4 -13 feb
Carnevale Ambrosiano Milano 17 feb
Carnevale di Viareggio Viareggio 27 jan- 17 feb
Carnevale europeo di Cento Cento 28 jan – 25 feb
Storico Carnevale di Ivrea Ivrea 10 – 13 feb
Carnevale Romano Roma 11 – 13 feb
Carnevale di Mamoiada Mamoiada 27 jan – 14 feb
Carnevale storico di Offida Offida 17 jan – 13 feb
Carnevale di Castrovillari Castrovillari 3 – 13 feb