Living Winter Carnival in Naples: Culture and Food
Naples lasagna carnival

Carnival in Naples – When we talking about a good city to spend the Carnival season in, Rome or Naples certainly does not comes to your mind this city as Carnival symbol. We usally thinking to Carnival as Venice and Brazilian Carnival. But though Rome should put on its party mask with the same fervour as Venice.

Spirit of Carnevale

Carnival festival usually is not only for children, in the past the carnival period meas like rebirth where it is necessary to vent the strict from control of the family community exercised during the year. The pagan transgression is therefore all in the creation of an exaggerated dish, able to make hunger forget, to exorcise the pains. They ate very abundant dish as to be able to say enough, so rich as to remain alive. In short, primary needs was met on the physical level but not yet in the collective unconscious. Coming to the primary physical needs refer to the most famous culinary traditions in southern Italy during the carnival days, we would you tell you the napolitan traditional dishes for Carnival season.

What to Eat in Naples during Carnevale 

An important part of the Carnival in Naples and to rest of Italy yet, are the fried desserts, of course. Usually these start to hit the fryers of the bakeries by the end of January. The most popular in Naples are chiacchiere and castagnole. The Chiacchiere (chatter bla bla) are sweet and crunchy dishes, often covered with powdered sugar. The the castagnole are shortcrust pastry fritters the size of a chestnut covered in sugar. But sometimes you can find inside a yellow cream. Usually they goes chiacchiere with a chocolate cream called Sanguinaccio (black pudding). These sweetes are tipical for all Carnevale period with last rich dinner previusly of 40 days of Lent. Catholics people wish to observe Lent, they are encouraged to skip meat. Last fat eaten on the evening of Mardi Gras consist of Lasagna a rich dishes pasta with meatballs and tomato sauce.