Blue Monday, book a journey to fight it!

It seems that the cold and the low light of winter, the report of expenses made during the Christmas period, the tiredness of returning to work after the holidays; all these factors combined give rise to Blue Monday. This combination of factors is more appealing to Monday than is usually a tiring day. The Blue Monday – which this year falls today January 15th, falls on the third Monday of January is in fact now decreed internationally as the saddest and most depressing day of the year.


So what is the best way to overcome sadness?
Without a doubt, plan the next departure! Usually those who book their summer holidays in January save almost 40% compared to those who do it in August. Also if you consider Monday – along with Wednesday – favorite days of the week to book your travels, to overcome the blue of every damn week. The hours in which we usually book the holidays or a city break are those working (from 10am to 7pm), a sign that organizing a trip works like a real anti-stress to overcome the days with greater positivity.

Book in January to travel “contro corrente” 
January is the perfect month to start your planning of your next trip: to overwhelm the sadness during the Blue Monday, to travel with an eye to the wallet!

For the following reasons:

1. Who buys the flight in January can save up to 40% compared to those who are waiting or waiting for August to book their holidays.

2. Choose cunningly the days of the week to fly: better avoid the weekend! Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the busiest days on planes, which translates into the possibility of finding cheaper fares.

3. Then remember to set the alarm clock early in the morning to ensure the “night-locked” offers. These are bookings previously put on hold that are available again, at a good price, which are released around 1am!

4. Travel … against the current! The routes to leisure destinations (such as Corfu, Dubrovnik, Santorini) can be cheaper during the week, while the commercial routes (London, Paris, Madrid) are cheaper on the weekends. Also, try not to leave at peak times when the demand inevitably increases prices. Needless to say, in times when everyone is traveling – Easter or Christmas – it may be more difficult to find the opportunity! Try to travel in the autumn months and use it as a “break” before a hectic Christmas holidays and family visits, or grab the first rays of sunshine with an early summer trip in May.