Rome bike tours

If you would live an energizing and vitalizing Rome’s tour you will visiting the Eternal City by bike experience. A Part of the historic city center – that includes spots like the Pantheon and Castel Sant’Angelo – is closed to traffic and, even considering that it is mainly a pedestrian area without real cycling routes, byciclers and pedestrians alike can enjoy the area’s life, history and beauty Rome bike tours can be free and exciting, find out more.


Bike Rent

Places to visit Rome by bike are a lot. If you are a tourist or not own a bicycles there are available for rent in some of Rome’s parks, as well as tandem bikes and rickshaws for groups and families. There are also private agencies that offer guided tours of the city’s monuments. Renting a bicycle with a group usually discovers that a helmet is offered as part of the package, along with a tour guide who can illustrate and describe the eternal beauty of Rome. Or choose to ride in Rome bike tours alone, guided by your instincts, perhaps mapping your journey with the help of several.


The other areas perfect for pedallers  are the city Parks especially Villa Borghese, which holds a surprise or two; its architectonic marvels and museums such as the Carlo Bilotti Museum and the Borghese Gallery are first among these. The Gallery is a veritable treasure chest of art and history, conserving marble works of rare beaty inside – Paolina Borghese by Antonio Canova and Apollo and Dafne by Bernini, in particular, in addition to painting masterpieces by Raffaello, Titian and Caravaggio. Feet or with bicycles suitable for routes on dirt roads. Monte Mario Reserve located on Balduina is an urban area belonging to the XIX Town Hall which is very demanding only for mountain bikes 4 sectors for 6.7 km overall. A little further north is the “Zodiac” the Astronomical Observatory, its cycle path begins at Via Gomenizza (downstream) good: via del Parco Mellini (upstream) it is 1.7 km long. Another beautiful park is Villa Pamphilj an easy recommended bike tours the route beginning in S. Pancrazio gate till Via Aurelia Antica 2,150 km.

On Sundays

You can find sections of the hystoric center running alongside the Campidoglio and stretching to the Colosseum is closed to traffic, making it ideal for cycling near the Imperial Forums in peace and freedom. It it could happen that the municipal administration closed to the traffic like the city’s sections too close Vatican Walls. city like the one near the Vatican. Rome has about 80 km (50 mi) of cycle paths and, although some of them boast a little less maintenance than others, Rome bike tours can be less feasible and fun. A favorite among the itineraries for Rome bike tours is that of the Lungotevere (bank of the river on the Tiber): with different entrances and a calm that you will not find in the rest of Rome, the river is the place where visitors can take the sounds and smells of nature and a wonderful view of this city without time from below.

Sustainable Mobility

A Rome bike tour developing more sustainable mobility for large cities such as Rome. Not only for the roads that green paths, the particular morphological characteristics of the city of Rome includes a strong concentration on the axes of the Tiber and Aniene rivers and the coast of Ostia. The Rome’s infrastructure for cycling makes it strategic and fun to navigate the many highlights of the city, both for those interested in simple and short excursions, both for those who are at ease with mixed routes, more intense and longer routes . At certain times of the day, it is even possible to take the bike on both the A and B subway lines and on the train to Ostia Lido, for a change of scenery and a swim in the ” Capital sea“.

Why do we celebrate Women’s Day and Why should we celebrate it?

This internationally celebrated day has a very deep meaning and aims to spread the message that there can be no development without gender equality.
The keywords of the day are:

  • Female emancipation
  • Fight against violence
  • Leadership
  • Inclusion


Infact the UN officializated the International Women’s Day – but the day of the woman was born many years before with the workers demonstrating in New York in 1857, even if the origin dates back to 8 March 1909 in which works of works died in a fire in the textile textile ‘Cotton and Cotton’ where they worked in New York or according to other sources on March 8, 1917 when a St. Petersburg women showed up for the end of the First World War – March 8 is still a important, symbolic, significant date.

“Inclusion rider” Frances McDormand said this statement last night at 90th Oscar Accademy Night in which she urged all other female nominees to stand up and reminded had to tell and projects that needed financing. Quoting Stacy Smith during his speech at the TED TALK, who researches gender equality in film and television at the University of Southern California, has put it, it’s the idea that line “positions”, where women, people of color, and members of LGBT communities are traditionally underrepresented.

women's day woman travelling alone

New York City – United States

Are Looking for amazing places to travel alone in America? Explore the Big Apple’s outer boroughs and the streets of Manhattan with no arguments over which iconic landmark, cutting-edge galleries and world-famous museums to visit, as the MOMA. This city can be expensive, if you are not prepared to put your money as Carrie Bradshaw, in shopping and in expensive restaurants. You may also go rollerblading in Central Park, take a sightseeing cruise on the Hudson, people watch in Times Square, or browse a Brooklyn flea market and eating around typical markets on international neighborhoods.


Reykjavik – Iceland

The Institute for Economics and Peace has been have ranked Reykjavik at first position of the Global Peace Index.
It is one of the safest places to travel alone in the world, for women’s day. That city is know for its safety, but not mistake not only for it.
Mystic, laid-back and downright beautiful, in Reykjavik is a great base for a day trips, it will be easy to move around and display Iceland’s postcard-perfect attractions, such as the Blue Lagoon and Northern Lights.


Bali – Indonesia

If you should just a relax and take it easy you can wish for a trip in Indonesia relaxing beaches, temples as well as inexpensive accommodations and food are just some of the top reasons why Bali is often deemed one of the ultimate places to travel alone for females. You will be so busy unwinding and soaking up your karma with yoga lessons and also the wondrous Balinese culture that you’ll forget that you are traveling alone.


Rome – Italy

Shall you indulge all your five senses? Found Rome. As a female solo traveler, walking around this vibrant Italian city will let you feel empowered and fully present. Not to mention, you may even get a marriage proposal, as you wander around Rome, as a solo traveler. Shall you indulge all your five senses? Found Rome as your next choose for a female solo traveler in women’s day. When you are walking around this vibrant Italian city will let you feel empowered and fully present. Not to mention, you may even get a marriage proposal, or you will hope to meet from a romantic unknowed as you wander around Rome, as a solo traveler.

Here, you can visualize the Roman Empire, in its full glory, by visiting the city’s awe-inspiring ancient sites, such as the Pantheon, Roman Forum and Coliseum. Likewise, you can see the pope’s home at The Vatican City and Saint Peter’s Basilica. Then, you may put on a pair of comfortable shoes and explore the piazzas and cobble laneways, while drinking sterile water from the city’s eye-catching fountains.


Melburne – Australia

Melbourne can serve as a base for exploring awesome places to visit in Australia as well, such as Philip Island, The Great Ocean Road and Grampians National Park. For Women solo traveling can be the best places to praised for its live music, award-winning food and artistic culture. In fact Melbourne is a safest places to travel alone for women, also labeled as the cultural capital of Australia. As a matter of fact, you can even walk around there at night on your own. In addition, Australia is an English-speaking country, meaning it is easy for solo travelers to get around and navigate in Melbourne. If you ever need help, you may ask anyone walking by, and they will be happy to assist you.

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Classical Rome

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